7 Stupid-simple Ways to Find a Niche for Your Blog in (2020)


So you have decided to start a blog? or you want to start a blog and you have found yourself got stuck that What your blog should be about? so let’s talk about choosing a niche or topic for your blog.

There are over 600 million blogs that are present in the world today but how many of the Blogs or Bloggers are successful? How many bloggers are making money from their blogs?

The answer is only 1-2% of bloggers are making money from their blogs because they don’t go for everything. They just go for what they actually love to do. They just go for one and make that one successful.

I mean to say that if you are focused on one thing you will definitely get success in that because you are determined and dedicated to your goals.

So the very first step is to select a Niche that means in which niche you are going to start a blog. Now…

First of all, decide what your blog should be about:

You must have defined that what your blog should be about worth doing particularly when you are just starting with your blog.

Most of the successful blogs have a Niche or Topic. Some also have a variety of topics but some sort of theme or angle to give them focus.

Blog focus could come from the readers (Blog Demographics) and their linked interests.

Having a niche or topic for a blog helps you to focus but also helps new readers to find you.

What is a Niche?

Basically we can say that a Niche is the topic of your blog.

Here is the official definition of a blog:

Denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small specialized section of the population.


For Example,

NicheFood Photography
Sub-NicheFood Photography >> Dessert Photography
Sub Sub NicheDessert Photography >>Tiramisu Photography

You can find Niches in every industry and you can easily move further in-depth with sub-niches when you are skilled.


What is the Importance of Niche?

It is a hard fact that most of the bloggers’ aim is to make money from their blogs as quickly as possible so they decided to choose broad topics like Sports, Entertainment, Photography, Fishing, etc.

But after some time they lost their spark and they quit blogging because to write valuable content for such vast industries is a challenge in itself.

Some of the bloggers choose the topics which get huge traffic but gets no benefits in monetary terms such as:

  • Viral Messages
  • Free Movie downloads
  • Free Wallpapers
  • News Site
  • Latest Trends

With these topics, you can get huge traffic but there is no monetary benefit in these kinds of topics.

So if you want to be a successful blogger then you must have to choose a Niche for your blog. Try to find out your Niche that will be Evergreen and it will provide value to your audience.

This kind of Niche will bring traffic on your blog with monetary benefits and that traffic will become your loyal audience.

So your Niche helps your blog in these three aspects:

  • Effectiveness
  • Authoritativeness
  • Trustworthiness

Here is the best way to choose a Profitable Niche for your Blog:

1) Think about your Interests:

Each and every person have interests and likings so first of all try to find out:

What is it you find yourself thinking about in your spare time?

In this step, there is a need to Brainstorm and to make a list of your interests and you have to write down all of your interests like Painting, Technology, Gyming, Sports, Fitness, etc.

Don’t think about the numbers just write down as many as you have. It can be a list of 5 or 10 or maybe 25. It doesn’t matter.

What kind of Magazines or Articles or Newspapers do you like to read the most?

Now think about it that what kind of content you like the most whether it is the form of magazines or articles like Wired Magazine, Vogue, or Blog Articles like TechCrunch.com, Deadspin, etc.

Think about your hobbies:

Make a list of your hobbies like Playing Basketball, Entertainment, Singing, Travelling, Adventure, etc.

2) What Experiences do you have?

Everyone has experiences in their lives but no one knows how these experiences can be beneficial for you.

Think about Good, Bad, Hard, Learning experiences you have had.

Because people are always interested in listening about other’s people’s experiences and insights that they have experienced.

With this they feel attached to that person.

Hard Times is often the most informative and gives us useful insights into life that other people will take benefit from.

For Instance: Adventure Sports, Bike Riding, Playing Soccer, Music, etc.

3) Are you Passionate?

You have written down all of your Interests, Likings, and Hobbies. Now the Second step is to find out what is that thing (From your list) about which you are passionate and want to do something in that field.

You have to find out that one thing which keeps you awake at night.

Try to find out that topic you could talk for about hours and hours without getting tired.

Ask yourself a question that what you love to continue even after if you don’t make in your initial days of blogging.

4) Try to Find the Cracks:

Now you have a narrowed down list of interesting topics and you can see the topic which is on the top.

For instance, there is a topic on the top of the list i.e Technology.

Most of the newbie bloggers make that mistake that they start a blog on that topic.

But there is a problem with this because you didn’t try to find out the competition in that particular Niche or Topic. So, first of all, try to find out the competition in that particular niche.

Like if you think about a blog on Technology then there are already a lot of blogs in that Niche and there are also some of the Authority blogs in that niche like TechCrunch, Mashable, Gizmodo, etc.

Now the challenge is that these blogs have everything about Technology and how can you make your place in the niche. It is not impossible but yes it’s difficult to make your place in that Niche So you can change your Niche and find another as per your list.

But if you are passionate enough about that niche then you have to find out that where are the Cracks in that niche. First of all what find out what kind of audience they are targeting for instance Newbies, Intermediate, Advanced.

When you find the competition level then you have to work on those Cracks that what kind of content you are going to provide and what will be your target audience.

Basically the Cracks are the gaps between the audience and the topics like what a user wants to know about? Do you have information about that on your blog?

One thing that every newbie blogger must keep in mind that Blogging Success is a Long Term Process so keep calm and do your work consistently.

5) Find the Potential:

When you have decided to start the blog on your selected niche then the next step is to find the potential of that niche.

Potential means of showing the capacity to develop the content in the future. It is always easy to make a blog on trendy topics like:

  • News sites
  • Latest trends
  • Viral Content, etc.

But these kinds of blogs don’t have the long term potential and you can never make authority in these kinds of blogs.

So try to find the Niche which is evergreen and you have dozens of content ideas that you can write even for years.

Your niche should be timeless and it should have a high shelf life. This kind of niche helps you to make your identity in the field of blogging.

6) Why would people visit your Blog?

This is the most important question that you must have to ask yourself before starting a blog.

Because people come to your blog to find some value that can help them and to find something unique.

Always provide realtime information to your users so that they can find some value from your blog.

Try to share your experiences on your blog because it is a practical thing and people always like practical things. It looks authentic and it creates your authenticity.

So when you choose your Niche, find a long term project you love writing about. Find something that attracts you most and always inspires you to write more and more about that.

As I mentioned earlier that blogging is a long term process so there is no shortcut to that, it is also about educating yourself and find the new dimensions in your niche so that your audience gets more and more new things and value from your blog.

7) Where do you want to see Yourself in the Future?

It is the most important question That every Blogger should ask from themselves.

That where do they want to see themselves in the future because this thing defines how passionate you are about your goals.

Because this thing Inspires the readers and encourages them to become successful in their life.

For Instance:

You want to become a thought leader in your Niche.

You want to become a Film Critique.

You want to become an Influencer.

You want to become a Financial Expert.

You want to become a Legal Expert.

So whatever you want to become just take care of this thing that someone is following you and you have that potential to change thousands of lives.

So read through this article and I am pretty sure that now you are able to find your Niche or Topic.

Now It’s Your Turn

That’s all for my Article to guide you.

Now I would like to hear from you.

Are you going to focus on the things that I’ve mentioned in this Article?

Let me know by leaving a comment. and

Always Remember that “Sharing is Caring“.

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